Philosophy of Care

We provide an exceptionally high standard of care to all residents, many of whom have lived in other residential accommodation, or have been in long term hospital placements that no longer meet all their needs.

Our focus is on the specific needs of the individual. By understanding and consulting with them, their care professionals and other significant individuals, we are able to establish tailored care programmes that will best assist the individual to live life to their maximum potential.

We achieve this by having an experienced, well trained and qualified professional team able to deliver the programmes to maximum effect.

The driving ethos is to provide a home in which the individual is empowered to develop and grow to their full potential.

Some residents may choose to live out their whole lives in our homes, whereas others will be supported and encouraged to move on to more independent living, utilising our rehabilitation services.

Each resident is an individual with unique strengths and qualities. At all times to afford them respect, privacy and dignity. To encourage them to express their own beliefs and opinions. To respect the individual’s right to personal and private space at all times.


Residents are empowered to make decisions that enhance their personal development. Encouragement is given to each resident to live their lives as independently as possible.

To meet our residents’ needs we liaise closely with other agencies and make use of outside social facilities. We encourage residents to sustain links with family and friends and facilitate integration with the local and larger community.

Our aim is to help residents rediscover their joie de vivre, by giving them the opportunities to expand their horizons beyond the television, the four walls, the next cigarette or meal.

What makes our residents feel more alive and better about themselves is being valued, being respected, being spoken to as valued people, being given some real understanding about how hard life has been and still is for them, being shown kindness and interest, being given time and attention.

Edenplace has an open visiting policy for family, friends and visiting professionals. We suggest that a call before visiting is made to ensure that the resident is not out enjoying an activity or fulfilling an appointment.